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Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake (4 files)

Images from the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, also known as the Kobe Earthquake, of January 17, 1995.
mhc-ghe 195 b2-6 
 Only a handful of telephones were working in the hours and days following the earthquake. With so many trapped by the topography of the area, queues for working phones quickly formed as people tried to get information in and out of the disaster zone. 
 Keywords: earthquake, kobe, telephone, queue, pre-internet, pre-mobilephone, communication, disaster zone
mhc-ghe 195 b6-5 
 Bewlidered parents and children watched as emergency services tried their best to rescue trapped people and deal with fires. 
 Keywords: kobe, earthquake, japan, mother, child, holding hands
mhc-ghe 195 s1-11 
 With the fire brigade stretched to the limit most people were compelled to fight fires with whatever came to hand. 
 Keywords: destruction, kobe, earthquake, japan, extinguishers, red, fire, kirin, crate
mhc-ghe 195 s3-25 
 Underequipped and overstretched firefighters did their best to tackle huge blazes, often single-handed. 
 Keywords: destruction, kobe, earthquake, japan, fire, firefighter, hose, water

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bgn-wed 312 d489 
 Wedding day 
 Keywords: wedding, ceremony, hand, man, suit, matrimony, cuff, leg, commitment, marriage

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